A Real Belle’s Secrets To Nail Your Used Panty Selling Business

A Real Belle's Secrets To Nail Your Used Panty Selling Business

Not many real girls would like to share their trade secrets for used panty business. In fact, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to become a darling in the industry. You are likely to find your own tricks and tips while working on the business. Yet, you might find a few pointers handy while entering the trade. Take it from a real girl who wishes to spare a few tidbits of 18+ her experience.

Alias Please

No matter what you do, make sure that you do not use your own name while communicating with clients. You would not want your parents, relations, partners or the future employers to learn how you managed to earn. When you sell used panties, maintain your anonymity. Remember that you might be doing it for a limited time and only to earn fast cash. It’s least likely to be a career. Also, you would not want any of your customers trying to befriend you in the social media, or stalk you there. Would you?

Accessibility Matters

A Real Belle's Secrets To Nail Your Used Panty Selling Business

How accessible should you be in this business? To make it short and direct, customers should find it hard to find your IRL. Yet, they should be able to send you money without hitches. The trick is to choose a money transfer system exclusive for this side business. However, our girl warns that there are payment gateways like PayPal, which does not allow transactions for adult businesses. They might simply close your account and keep the money, without letting you or your client know. There are some other gateways that welcome transactions of all types. They offer absolute privacy as well. This helps you keep a ‘clean’ image in the future.

Jazzing Up Your Alter Ego

When offering your untidy undies to the fetishers, you have to have something to make them drool. Make up a story about yourself. No matter your body shape, it’s more than important to advertise your body. Then photographs from unusual angles. Let them show your body parts that no one have seen before. Innovation is the key to sell used panties in bulk.

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