First time with an Escort: What to expect

We imagine it’s your first time, maybe not with a woman but hiring this kind of service and you don’t know what to expect. Relax, we’ve got your back and we’re here to give you some peace of mind. First of all, the first time is always a hit and miss, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to go wrong.

No matter the specific reason you’ve hired your london escort, whether it’s loneliness, needing an escort to an event, or simply experimentation, hiring this service is the fastest route to both physical and emotional satisfaction.

Don’t worry about the feeling that you are doing something wrong, it is normal when we do something we like, and clearly this feeling once you meet the girl will go away immediately thanks to the calm and good presence that these beautiful women tend to have.

Tips for meeting an escort for the first time:


It is important to consider that hiring a prostitute is not the same as hiring an escort, although these girls offer sexual services, the more elite ones like Theory Love Escorts are really refined girls focused on the overall satisfaction of the client. She won’t just be lying there waiting for you to finish, from the first moment you pick her up she will start a unique experience, so don’t let money cloud your mind if you want someone of quality that goes beyond sex.

Safe place

If you feel insecure and want some fresh air during your date, try to choose places that are comfortable for you, whether it’s a restaurant you already know or just tell the girl that it will be a date directly at your place. Choose strategic places where you already know your way around so that you don’t have to go through hardship feeling forced to make a good impression.

If it is an important event that you have to take the girl to, you can meet her beforehand to explain the whole context and what you are going to be doing so you won’t be nervous that people will notice the situation you are in. After all, escorts are used to this kind of services, it is their day to day job.

Keep your tastes in mind

Never betray your tastes because you don’t want to bother the escort, this is totally stupid. And also, make sure that when you hire her the agency has a detailed description of what the girls can do for you, so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises at the moment of truth.

Serious agencies like Theory Love Escort have detailed all the skills and characteristics of the escorts, from the color of their hair to their type of specialty.

We hope we’ve helped you, and don’t worry about the pain, these girls are real sunshine who will guide you through every process if you’re really nervous. Don’t wait any longer and get the satisfaction you deserve.